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MOOC: Say what? Let the #etmooc adventure begin.

I signed up for a MOOC last year, at the time I had no idea what it was, I just knew I was curious and intrigued.

This time around I have a better sense what I am diving in to and am brimming with delicious excitement wrapped in nervous anticipation (Can I keep up? Will I keep up? Will this work for me?). Probably this is a feeling shared by many who are new to the MOOC world. That said I feel confident that this is the path I want to explore more than any other right now and when I look down it I see growth, adventure and expansion.

Although this is the continuation down a path I am already on and started over a year ago, this new adventure feels the beginning of a new chapter. In this chapter I feel more in charge of my learning, have a handle on tools to amplify my learning and I am 100% ready to be part of a collaborative process.

I might as well be going to Narnia, considering the reactions of people in my life who say: “A MOOC? What? Why? Don’t get it!” when I tell them about this new project. Soon I will be able to articulate more clearly for them just exactly what I am up to with #etmooc

Looking forward to diving in and discovering my first MOOC experience with such a diverse group!

Let’s go!!

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